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Strategic Sorcery Training:
New Cycle Starting on AUGUST 1st!


If you are looking for measurable success with through magic, and not just fantasy attainments...

If you want to not only improve your spiritual life, but your financial and love life as well...

If you want real magic that works in the real world, than this may be the training for you.

Before I even wrote my first book, people have been asking me to present a complete and graduated system of magic as I practice it. At the end of last year I did just that and presented the Strategic Sorcery Training Course.

Due to the overwhelming response I am re-starting the class for a new cycle of students. This new cycle will start on August 1st and will consist of 52 lessons, which will arrive via e-mail each week. There will be one homework assignment per month, but no time limit on when those need to be completed – you work at your own pace.

This course jumps off from where my book, "The Sorcerer's Secrets" leaves off, and teaches very detailed steps for attaining just about any goal. Though the first cycle of students are only a little more than halfway through through the course, people are already getting great results.

The following are some comments from students on the material thus far:

"The exercises set are easy to follow yet produce results remarkably quickly. From the beginning initiation ritual I have experienced more results than on any other course... its like I’ve been super-charged. My channeling is coming through thick and fast, my healing abilities have increased and, in life in general, I feel more centered, balanced and content with life."
- Sue

"Through the Strategic Sorcery course, I have learned to change the way I do certain things and feel that now I am finally walking the magickal path that I was meant to be on."
- Rev. Jay K.

"Though we haven't even gotten very far in the course, I have already used material from the course in workings that have increased my income. After 12 years doing other types of magic, Strategic Sorcery has been a revelation! "

"The meditations, especially the Pillar and Spheres, has brought me back into being in synch with time. Not rushing ahead or lagging behind, but being right there in the moment. And that is a Really Big Deal to me. I have gained---I kid you not----three to four hours a day. That's exactly what it feels like. I am getting things done like you wouldn't believe. I feel like I'm coming back home to my Self. "
- Susan

The Lesson on Thought Management alone was enough for me to overcome my fear of rejection and ask out the girl I have been obsessing over for months. We have been going out for three weeks now. This course is making a big difference in my life. "
- Thomas

"Honestly, I wish it had been around when I was a baby Mage. Jason's books, lectures, and course have something that a lot of other magical practices lack: Common Sense. If you are working Magic for cash and prizes then it is results that matter here. Results that don't bite you in the ass. Most practitioners get bit not from some Faustian pact, or constant barrages of magical attack, but because they don't know how to follow through. Jason interweaves a good dose of life skills in with his magical practice, and the common sense that you have to WORK for what you want to accomplish! "
- Joseph Scangarella

"I’ve been work the personal alchemy aspect of ceremonial magick for twenty years, Jason’s course has grounded my ethereal dreams into solid practical workings.
You won’t complete Jason’s class wondering if you’ve done real magick. You won’t leave asking, “Did I really feel that?” You will know that you have done something extraordinary . "
-Robert Hager

Ceremonial Magician and Blogger of Doing Magick

The only requirements for the course are that you be over 18 years of age, have access to e-mail, and a copy of “The Sorcerer’s Secrets, Strategies in Practical Magick”. There will be many other books that are recommended throughout the course, but this will be the only one that is required. Those that complete the class and the homework will be eligible for special classes and activities to take place in the future.

The cost for the course is $150 for all 52 Lessons. That is less than 3 dollars a lesson!

When the first cycle of students complete the class, the cost will be going up, so sign up now to get in on this price!

To sign up for the class write me at and put STRATEGIC SORCERY COURSE as the subject line. You will then be given a student number and further instructions.

Payment can be made through PayPal to or sent via check or money order to:
Jason Miller
Barnegat, NJ 08005

If you have been looking for a way to improve your life both your inner life and outer circumstance, than I hope to hear from you soon.

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