Monday, July 5, 2010

Eastern Religion friendly to science

Number one reason that Athiest evangelists never say a word about Eastern religions,

Of course if more people realized how similar many Priests view of western religions to Eastern Religions, a lot of peoples worlds would be rocked.


Son of Wisdom said...

Great article! Thanks for pointing us in that direction. Would you expound on your last comment on this post? I am not sure I understood it. Thanks!

Frater Serpentis et Aquila said...

I can certainly see why there is less conflict in the relationship between Eastern religion and science, but it should be noted that not all Western religious thinkers conflict so highly with science. RO, myself and others being a great example.

But we, without a doubt, place our belief in God, the First Father, and all the intelligences set over the bodies of the heavens all the way down to material manifestation.

I can appreciate science, but I cannot appreciate the lack of God whatsoever in scientific development. The universe and its operations seem self evident that it is derived from a Source, and that we are but microcosms of that Source. And when I pray, I can see things occur externally that, though they be experiential and personal, make clear that there the Spirit moves through all things.

But, science has no appreciation for experiential knowledge of spiritual truth. Not everything within spirituality and religion can be understood empirically, and certain the activity of God and the myriad spirits can't be fully appreciated through that scope.

On the flip, I think science can be best understood through the eyes of the Spirit -- you can see the cosmic plan unfold in a mysterious and beautiful way by seeing it all as an ongoing stream of manifestation from the Source. Just some thoughts.

Jason Miller, said...

That last sentence of my post was a nod to the fact that Western Religion does not have to conflict with science either.

Of course I approach Christianity from a more mystic/contemplative perspective than a hermetic/gnosticism perspective,
To my mind the writings of Meister Ekhart and even some modern mystics like Thomas Merton and Richard Rohr can click with science just as easily as anything from the east.

Science however must be science and I would not want it not to be. To deliberately work god into their interpretations would be the worst corruption imaginable.

It hardly matters whether it is the theological details of fundamentalist Born Agains, or the theories of the Divine Pymander and Corpus Hermeticum - Science must ignore them if it is to remain truly science.