Friday, June 4, 2010

Dion Fortune is attributed the saying: "Magic is the art of changing consciousness at will." What role do you see the ability to change or alter one's own consciousness as playing in magical practice?

The ability to alter ones own consciousness is important for my magical practice - vital even.

It is not however universal, and people all over the world do magic without shifting mental states to anything more drastic than intense concentration and simple prayer.

Dion Fortune's defining magic this was may define HER magic, but certainly not magic in general. One should always be quite careful when you speak about magic overall. There are very few universal constants.


BlackCat said...

Thank-You, there is alot of wisdom in that quote .

Jason Miller, said...

Her quote or mine?

Annie Finch said...

Magic is the art of changing consciousness at will" is a quote from Starhawk.

Annie Finch said...

Correction-- Starhawk said
"Magick is the art of changing energy at will"