Friday, June 18, 2010

If somebody in your neighborhood (you don´t know who) is making a party at 3AM and the police is not doing anything, what would you do: a) He is Shiva, I am Shiva, the noise is Shiva, my sleep is shiva... b) Curse his ass off. c) "Spirits of Goetia rise.

This has actually happened to me a couple times. In Philly we had downstairs neighbors who would bring the party home almost every night and play their stereo so loud that it shook items off my shelves. One time they were so loud that they could not even hear their doorbell. I walked inthrough their back door , wearing only my boxers, and shut their stereo off. I grabbed a table with some coke on it and said that I would call the cops the very next time they woke us up at 4am. Problem Solved.

The next time it happened I did not wait for long. I asked nicely once. I asked again with a bit of magic. The third time I did a hot footing spell. They were out by the end of the month.

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