Friday, June 18, 2010

I've feel like I am being pulled to work with Papa Legba, any advice for someone who has never worked with him? I'm not one to dedicate my life to a deity but do give them great honor, am I getting myself into something where tons of worship is required?

Legba is quite laid back. Draw his veve on the ground, offer him something he likes, learn to sing a chant like the one from "Angels in the Mirror, Vodou Music of Haiti" than talk to him like you would any respected elder.

Be up front about what you are willing to do and your fears. I was preparing to go whole hog into Vodou but Legba actually stopped me and told me that my destiny lied elsewhere. He showed me where later that same night.

He is a constant and loyal friend if you are the same to him.

Get Kenaz's book for more info on how to relate to the Lwa outside of a traditional house. Also, and I know some people dont like it, the New Orleans Vodou Tarot was an enormous help in delving into the mystery.

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