Monday, June 28, 2010

what do you teach about healing or the relationship of magic to healing? I mean healing in the physical and social senses, in its broadest application of helping or balancing others or the self. Should the best magician/initiate have healing on her agenda

The healing section of The Sorcerers Secrets was going to be a lot bigger , but I ran out of space and time.

In the course we will be dealing with a lot of energy healing technues and meditative healing techniques. I will stay away from herbal healing because it is not my area of expertise and I would not want to cause harm,

I think that healing should be near the top of the agenda, I have not paid enough attention to it in my own practice

Some of the work I am doing up here in VT this weekend centers around that. I am also going to be training in a particular style of energetic healing this fall, but I will talk about that later in its own post.

At the moment I am taking no new questions.

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