Monday, June 28, 2010

Im a complete Rookie with Yoga, Tantra, Tibetan Traditions, Etc., and Im interested in learning about them. Where should I start? Greetings :D

Start by narrowing your focus to just one of these.

Yoga? Tibetan Buddhism? Hindu Tantra?

You should be able to do this based on wikipoedia entries alone.

Than narrow it further.

Remember, eastern magic is even more complex and varied than western magic. Find a focus., Than find local resources for teachers. Than read books, When you narrow it down, I will try to recomend some books.

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Jumping Bill said...

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ELTURC0 said...

Is there a form of tantric yoga that can be practiced as a form of physical grounding and fitness exercise ? What form of yoga do you practice if any?
Thanks in advance.