Tuesday, June 1, 2010

If you're doing a mojo hand for someone else, but you're holding onto it for her, is it okay for it to be seen on your altar? How does that work? Is it really important to not have the hand been seen or is it more that it shouldn't be touched by others?

I have never had a problem with a mojo being seen or touched. Some workers follow those rules, and have their reasons. I have never felt that kind of sacrosanct treatment was necessary.


Miss Sugar said...
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Miss Sugar said...

Awesome, thank you. Every book I've read and everyone else on the intertubes seem to think it being seen/touched is omg bad. And . . .I'm really not feeling that personally. Thanks for the confirmation that others feel that way too!

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Anonymous said...

I believe there is an entry in Hyatt about the Nation Sack in which a rootworker was clear that it was okay for other women to touch and see the Nation Sack, but not a man.

I took it to mean that mojo hands ought not be touched (or seen) by who you're working on (individually or as a category). I personally relate that to keeping silent. I do find being quiet and discreet helps magical workings be more effective by allowing them to unfold quietly in the background.