Thursday, June 3, 2010

In your book you say if you had to give up all practices but one it would be meditation, followed closely by offerings. Other than those two, what practice do you feel is the most important to your magick?

After that, there it really opens up to a wide field of things that are equally important. Among them.

1. Internal Energy work with channels and winds. I am working a system that combines both Tantric and Taoist approaches. It has been immensely important in my work.

2.External energy work: the ability to draw in and pattern energy from external sources, also the ability to link external energy source to external effect directly - unplugging myself from the equation.

3. Soft Focusing: The ability to focus the will in such a way that it is intense enough to direct it, but relaxed enough to give it room. Images of psychics furrowing brows and straining their minds are WAY off.

4. Conversational Sorcery: combination of covert hypnosis, energy work, social dynamics, and applied charisma.

5. Guru Yoga. This is the one thing in Buddhism that I wish was presented differently, at least on the outer, but it is also the one thing that I will make sure to do every day until I die. The true Guru is your own mind. Realization of this leads to all the spiritual authority you will ever need.

6. Astral Projection. There is a lot of magic that require it, pure and simple.

7. Ability to communicate with spirits. Direct communication with spirits is key. Ability to sort out what they say and realize that they can lie, cajole, and manipulate just as much as we do is also key.

There is probably more, but thats enough for now.

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Frater EH'e, said...

Great post Jason, this really helps. Extremely revealing answers.