Monday, June 14, 2010

You indicated in your post that one of the skill you place strong value on is learning how to directly communicate with spirits. What would you recommend is a good way(s) to cultivate the ability to directly communicate with them in said fashion.

Meditation is number one. Most spirits will communicate vis thoughts and it is essential that you be able to distinguish your own from theirs. There are various tests and such that you can make spirits go through, but being adept at meditation is better and easier.

Offerings are also a huge contributing factor. By continuously interacting with the spirits through offerings you attune yourself to them and will eventually grow to perceive them.

The gazes section in the Subtle Keys chapter of The Sorcerer's Secrets is a great way to work on developing the site.

Obviously astral projection is yet another discipline that will place you in touch with spirits on their turf.

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