Thursday, June 24, 2010

On the RO blog, you recently commented, "if you have access to the levels of work that in your system are represented by the Trans-planetary spheres, that the need for evoking demons is nearly non-existent." When do you consider it a necessity?

Actually the need IS non-existent. There are other ways to do just about anything and everything. You just have to know how. Josh is right now learning a system of energy work from the forces of the 8th sphere that will be able to do most of what the Goets did for him and more. The combination of gesture, breath, mental focus, sound, and dimensional access is how I do most magic for myself, when I even do specific magic for myself. At a certain level the need for specific actions on your own behalf becomes far less an issue than it was at the beginning.

Working for clients however is another story. I find it is worthwhile to give them something more material to hold on to as well as more substantial to work with. Experience has taught me that these outer methods are better suited to working for the public and even for most other magicians.

Now, working with Demons is not necessary but It can under certain circumstances be desirable.

The First reason is that not everyone will be able to do the very subtle types of magic that Josh is talking about, especially if they approach magic from a non-energy magic angle. Demons might be their best option for specific goals.

Angels are big picture type beings. Like the CEO of a company they are not all that good at minutia. I use angels to: access certain astral planes and energies, teach information, give overall blessings on projects, initiate me into their sphere of influence so that I am a conduit for that power. I do not ask them to get me a specific promotion at work or increase my customer count by certain percentages.

As long as demons are evoked for short term projects, with well defined parameters, and under the control of binding forces and well established spiritual authority there is no problem.

Another role for demonic evocation is to control and put demons to work that are already at work doing harmful or wild things. This is how they are treated in the Testament of Solomon.

The last role for demonic evocation is when you need dirty deeds done dirt cheap. Angels are not going to kill your neighbor because he plays his stereo too loud. Goetia spirits might. I think its a bad idea, but people do it,

I agree with Josh that demonic evocation is not necessary for spiritual advancement, and I also agree that there are tools that can do everything they do but safer. It is just a question of people having access to those tools. This is why I talk a lot about energy work, meditation, and such before I talk about spirits. I do not even mention Grimoire spirits until lesson 28.

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Rufus Opus said...

You do know that was my question, right? :D

Agape said...

How do you feel about planetary intelligences and spirits? Where do they fit in this?

Dr. Raven said...

What has really struck me about your approach is how everything seems to have a place and purpose--be they angels, intelligences, or demons there is a place for them, but unlike other systems there is neither the pressure nor restriction to limit yourself to one type of vehicle of manifestation. I'm totally looking forward to the class.

Jason Miller, said...

yes RO I know it was you. I have 20 Formspring questions in my inbox, if it wasnt yours it would have had to take its turn.

Rufus Opus said...

I'm all special!

Jason Miller, said...


Basically I do not see the spirits of the planets as being quite as wild and ill-mannered at the Goetia. I do however see them as needing to be under the direction and care of the Intelligences.