Saturday, June 19, 2010

i recently went on vacation to couple of national parks, and the views that they present are of course most spectacular; i was wondering if there is a way to "capture" the sense of awe that one is feeling being in places of beauty for "re-use/feel" later?

Two complimentary methods.

The first is to take a snapshot in the mind and body, Don't just remember the view, Take special note of the smell, sound, feeling of the air. Next look at your body and remember the way that you feel. Where in your bbody do you feel it most? Are you tingling anywhere? etc. Gather these memories and tell your brain to record them. You are more like a computer than you realize.

The next method is energetic. Pore breathe the awe and beauty as per Bardon or my book. Pack it into your channels and run it through your circuits, Pack the energy into your five main organs and your main psychic centers, Pay special attention to your heart as you do this.

Smile through both exercises.

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simon said...

You can also try the anchor method by focusing on the feeling and at the most intense part of it, make a unique finger gesture while saying a word unique to this experience. Do it a few times in that moment then over the next couple of weeks, do the finger gesture, say the word and relive the experience!

Jason Miller, said...

Thank you Simon!

I realized that I left out Anchoring while I was out to lunch this afternoon and was going to add it when i got back.

Good catch!

nutty professor said...

I understand why you say to "smile" but is it also important to preserve the particular emotion that accompanies the awe - e.g., wistfulness, joy, passion? Is body memory plus emotion an important "hook" for capturing these experiences?