Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Given your mystical Christian and Vajrayana/Bon leanings, why do you have an image of Baphomet on your altar? Christians would regard this being as the Devil, and it's not a being you'll find in any Tibetan system.

Taking this one out of order because it is related to the one I just answered.

Baphomet as designed by Eliphas Levi is in no way connected to the Devil. It is a mystical glyph symbolizing the attainment of a magician.

That said, even if it was, the Devil has his place. I honor Lucifer every year on my Birthsay.

I work with lots of beings that are not part of a Christian or Tibetan background. Just like I know lots of people that are not from a Christian or Tibetan background. Buddhism and Bon do not deny the existence of dieties from around the world. They just warn that unless they are enlightened beings free from the cycle of existence they are not worthy of worship of refuge. You can still propitiate and make offerings to them, requesting help and such.

Whatever traditions you belong to, you shouldnt let them limit your thinking.

Lots of people are fond of the phrase "nothing is true and everything is permitted".

I am much more of a "Everything and true and everything is permitted" kind of guy.

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nutty professor said...

you must mean "worthy of worship OR refuge." Great post.