Friday, June 4, 2010

You are the only other magician I know who is also a parent. Is it possible to be both a good magician and a good parent? Not a hypothetical question.

Depends on where you are in your work. If you are just starting out or even at the novice stage than, No. Probably not. If you were already adept at a lot of it, to the point that you can break your practice down to the essentials when needed, know how to internalize longer rituals, can do things on the astral, and can meditate in short bursts throughout the day than yes, you can be a great magician.

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nutty professor said...

As with any successful endeavor, both require great organizing skills, which is in part what you are speaking about - mental organization as well as time, energy, etc.

thanks for answering my question. best wishes.

Lavanah said...

Or, have it the other way around, that is, to not be a starting out/novice parent. As has been noted, to be any good at either requires many of the same skills-although I suspect that the end result of parenting has more to do with good luck than the end result of any magical work.