Friday, June 18, 2010

what relationship, if any, does your wife has with magik/occult?

Other than being married to an occultist she is extremely psychic. Twice she has been able to sense the death of friends before I was, and once she saw a child spirit that only a two other well trained practitioners have ever noticed following me.

Other than that, she is uninvolved.

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Devi, The Danforth Village Witch said...

Sounds like my relationship with my husband. He's open-mindedly agnostic with a soft spot for Buddhist philosophy. He has a serious past-life or otherwise strongly intuitive connection to occult matters in my opinion, but has no interest in studying or practicing it himself.

But he's like my in-house Lama - I'll be pondering something magically or spiritually sticky, and he'll walk through the room with some one liner that just encapsulates the wisdom that I needed in that exact moment.

He also has uncanny insight into complex magical matters. We get into some deep discussions of things (he's been a quick study from just being around me and asking good questions), and he really grasps and communicates some amazing subtleties that constantly surprise me.

I learn a lot by bouncing ideas off of him, or by discussing notions that interest me. His perspective is similar to mine, but comes at things from a slightly different angle that really helps me get new understandings.

And yet he honestly has no real interest in occult or spiritual topics beyond it being something interesting to divert his otherwise corporate-mind with from time to time.

Anonymous said...

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Miss Sugar said...

I've wondered that question though I did not ask it :)