Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Do you believe in rebirth?

I don't hold it as an article of faith, but I have enough anecdotal evidence to satisfy me that some type of rebirth scenario is what actually occurs. If I am wrong though, it doesnt effect my practice much.

I think people put way to much weight into knowing about past lives. The information is sometimes interesting, and can occasionally shed some light on different quirks, but it is rarely useful. 

Unless that is you can manage to be recognised as a Tulku. Than it can be a career. 

As the ghost of PT Barnum once told ne "Theres a Tulku born every minute". 


Gordon said...

Not only is it rarely useful... It carries WAY too much risk for such a small reward.

The magical path holds enough 'delusion traps' before you start adding in the fact that you were apparently a High Priestess of Isis who has decided to incarnate as a Starbucks barista for some reason.

Can't people just wait and see what happens after death? Clearly something does and it will happen to us all much sooner than we'd probably care to realise.

In conclusion: I think this a great answer. :)

Miss Sugar said...

Besides an ex's wankery, I've only done one past life regression led by someone in the community I trust and respect greatly. Our grove was doing a rit to honor our ancestors and that included who we may have been.

It was a v. well led, careful meditation.

In case you were wondering, I was a nun from a rich family (I had a diamond rosary and fur lined shoes) and considered it much better than having to be married to some gross old guy. The religion part was okay, but I liked hanging with the girls and wearing nice things and being left alone.

Some things don't change much I guess. ;p

Lycan said...

As a professional Hypnotherapist, I get this often. I decline to do past life regressions. Many in my profession think it's the only way to go. I just roll my eyes.

Concerning past life regressions, consider what Cal Banyan said. Cal is a legend in Hypnosis, and he uses his system of 5 Path exclusively. His system uses Age Regression, through a tech called the Affect Bridge, with every client. Cal says he wants to believe in past lives. However, in thousands of age regressions looking for the initial sensitizing event, working with thousands of clients, over a couple decades, not one single past life has emerged for the ISE. None.

I find that very telling.

Jason Miller, said...


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