Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hoodoo seems to be focused on the concept of being able to pray. What tips do you have for for someone who was not raised in a Judeo-Christian background in regards to praying successfulling in hoodoo in order to get the spirits moving?

The real tip is to be sincere and concentrate fully.

As to the voice and such, if you really want to be traditional, you should check out the cadence of some black preachers. There are lots of recordings from the early 20th century. My favorite, if you can find it, is the "Black Lightning Train to Hell". but I cannot remember the reverends name,

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Miss Sugar said...

That was a big stumbling block for me too, the whole Psalm 23 thing and I *was* raised Catholic!

But my thing is, I'm not Catholic anymore so I don't want to use Catholic magic because it crosses my internal streams too much.

When it calls for the Psalm, I agree with Jason, be sincere and pay attention.

Personally, for me I tried doing only that and .. .it didn't work for my internal landscape because I *was* raised with prayer, etc. and well I can't shut up typically so not saying something felt weird. So now I substitute for Psalm whatever with whatever feels appropriate. Sometimes it's an Om Namah Shivaya, sometimes it's a line from a song (The Pierces' Sticks and Stones is good) or just a simple, "So I will it, so mote it be."

Jason Miller, said...

I should mention that obviously I am not a traditional Hoodoo practitioner. I have no trouble using chants and mantras instead of prayer and is usually my modus operandi

nutty professor said...

One wonders how important it is to use correct oral keys, tones, vibrations and cadences across the various cultural traditions of magic...it is a good question that speaks to the effectiveness of particular practices...