Monday, June 14, 2010

Is it possible to Astrally project to alternate versions of Earth? If so have you done that and could you please share your experiences?

I think you might be referring to this kind of thing

I hesitate to say that anything is impossible. I have never tried the technique, but I have doubts.

I would be interested to hear from anyone that has had success with this.

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Rufus Opus said...

Maybe if they didn't use the copy-editor's standard scam page layout, it might be more credible.

Jack Faust said...

Yes. It is. You'll need to narrow down the exact narrative you wish to immerse yourself with, and then render out the roads to getting there.

Back in the day we'd ask our daemons how to jump back and forth between such spaces, and followed their directions as to how to access such places. We called the process "using Eigenstates," but it wasn't scientific in the least; the Eigenstate just provided the right analogy for world hopping.

One of the reasons was to see if we might locate "alternate versions of ourselves" and almost by the idea of sympathy, absorb or come into contact with what they knew almost as if by osmosis. It didn't always work, and a couple of the more paranoid members of the Sutra cabal and the groups that previously informed it went a little crazy due to being unable to handle the idea that it might be meaningful, or real in a positive manner.

I do not suggest anyone with paranoia issues try it out at all. For everyone else? Why not.

Eldritch said...


Could you please email me the details?

george said...

Great! But it somehow reminds me of that Jet Li movie where he'd serially jump to every parallel universe and kill his self there in order to absorb his power, with the goal of becoming "The One"! :D

One for the Black brothers out there!

brother george.

Anonymous said...

I've done it a few times before, and it seems to be fairly common as I've talked to several other people who have done it, and was aware of it before I experienced it.

I've known people who seem to be drawn towards it and do it rather frequently, but it seems to most often be a random and infrequent occurrence that usually happens to people who astrally project a lot.

I don't know anything about gaining skills from alternate yous though. I know it's never happened to me, and this web page is the first time I've ever seen the ideas. I know most of my alternate mes tend to possess skills fairly close to my own.