Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What's your thoughts on using Strategic Sorcery for goals beyond the personal level (local to global levels). Is this doable, by 1 sorcerer or do you need more? What are the considerations for success? Future course topic? Have you attempted such?

You can definitely use Strategic Sorcery for local and global issues. Most attempts at this however are to general and overly vague. Things like circles to heal the planet or cones of power for peace don't do much.

If you are working alone than Micro-enchantment is the name of the game. Look to effect a small thing that will have a ripple effect. Sometimes it just takes one person getting fired or one person getting promoted at a company to change policy.

If you can gather a group, than you can aim a bit bigger, but not to much bigger. Gather 100 sorcerers to work towards the election of a candidate. Gather 50 to plant the idea is key peoples minds that they need to build roads in troubled regions before they send medicine, and they need to send Larium and mosquito nets, before they send aid.

Arm teams of activists with talismans to attract news coverage. use the principals of Marketing and Social Dynamics to manipulate the media. For instance, a bunch of people protesting is boring. Even if it is thousands. A few dozen people dumping tea into bodies of water however IS interesting.

Note that Right Wing candidates place a lot of stock in targeted prayer gatherings. They pray against certain judges. They pray against specific propositions. Some, like Sarah Palin, even go so far as to get exorcised and protected against witchcraft. There is no reason the left should not do the same.

I have done this type of work, but I NEVER talk about it outside the people I work with. I recommend you do the same. If you are supporting a candidate and people find out about covens doing rituals, it can hurt your candidate. If you are working against a group, there may be laws on the books that you can be prosecuted under. Even if there are no specific laws about magic (and you would be surprised how many places do have them) things like harassment, conspiracy, and disorderly conduct have very wide definitions

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One way to effect change as a solitary is to find an organization working for mundane change that is a strong match with your own goals. Then do your work to support that organization. For large organizations, pick a particular division or effort in order to control scope.

I think it would be interesting to empower a check and then send it to them. It's magical and mundane support at the same time.