Monday, June 28, 2010

What is the greatest goal to be accomplished by a successful sorcerer? Enlightenment? Realization of and following of True-Will? Living a happy life on your own terms? Preserving and passing-on of successful tech for future seekers? Or is it personalized?

The greatest goal of the Sorcerer or any human being is the realization of Truth. One could call this Enlightenment if you like, but any meaning of that beyond realization of Truth must be abandoned for it to have any meaning,.

In this state, True Will is naturally and spontaneously accomplished. The ideas that some Thelemites have of "True Will" being a thing that you can grab: like "It is my true will to be a high school teacher" are missing something important. True will cannot be attained through grasping.

Living a happy life is extrememly important for the Sorcerer, and doing so on ones own terms is what separates a Sorcerer from a Yogi, a Monk, or other type of person striving towards truth.

The Sorcerer looks at fortune, wealth, love, etc as the play of awareness and success often means engaging in those fully and successfully without grasping at them.

Preserving and passing on tech for the future is something that some people will be drawn to, but not all Sorcerers will care about such things. Of those drawn to that work, even fewer will succeed.

The details of all this are indeed personalized from Sorcerer to Sorcerer.

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